In this current age of nostalgia, we all yearn for the "good ol’ days" of American Bandstand, drive-in movies, penny candy, and conversations around the dinner table. With every bite of a Mama Turney pie, your senses are instantly whisked back to those "feel good" times as our palette awaits the next bite.

Mama Turney’s Pie Company is a wholesale company that distributes product made from recipes several generations old. With quality ingredients and consistency being the foundation of the company, Mama Turney’s has grown from 5 to 1500 accounts in ten years.

We're Expanding our distributing area. We'll soon be in every grocery store across America!

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Our product line consists of several different pies including: chess, chocolate, pecan, lemon chess, sweet potato, chocolate chess, and coconut. These are available in 9-inch deep dish, 10-inch deep dish commercial, and a 3-inch tart. For more information, click here.
Our company distributes five days a week to a variety of retailers ranging from grocery chains and retail outlets to specialty family restaurants. Some of the major wholesale accounts include: The Kroger Corporation, Scots Markets, Parman/Oil Company, Charles Parks Distributing, Jack's Bar-BQ, Harpers Restaurant, Swett's, and the Tennessee Titans. For vendors and how to purchase pies from Mama Turney's, click here.